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A Whole New Passage

May 25. Quite the normal and yet, a special day for us.

If you’re wondering what day it is - it’s actually the very day that Mirayi is born!

A total of 17 years ever since our foundation till date, with a total of innumerable projects done until now. Not much has been shared about us, but things are never too late so as long it happens, right?~

On that note, today would certainly be the best time for us to share our stuff out to you.

Without further ado, it is high time we introduce ourselves to you!

So, who are we? What is Mirayi? And all the questions that go along that line?

First up, on the matter of who - we are Mirayi, and what we do best is providing animation outsourcing services for the clients, as well as IP development of our own.

For you to better understand and feel at home with us, the projects that we’ve participated in and done outsourcing services for included large IPs like Nezha, Pokemon: Bidoof’s Big Stand, and many more that you can refer to here; while the IPs we’ve developed and you might be familiar with would be Mask Masters and Neon Luna - a new IP that we’ve been sharing out lately!

With all the basic introductions laid out, let’s now move on to the next part, shall we?

Since it’s the day signifying our anniversary, something special needs to be set up to commemorate such a day - and so comes the launching of our blog site.

Of all the things we can do, why a blog?

The main reason blogging is chosen is because blogging would be a good channel for us to share things out in an elaborate manner - Common knowledge, Fun facts, Industrial news, Company updates, and many more stashes that we have in our pockets.

There are other reasons behind it too of course - like building a bridge for us to better communicate and for you to understand us, but ultimately, our reason is just as simple as what is mentioned earlier.

Beyond building a deeper relationship and understanding we could have with you, we would also want you to know more about us beyond the surface level.

That said, we do have quite some facts and content that we would like to share with you, but alas, the writer is too talkative and this ends up taking so many words for just the basic introduction alone. And so, we will continue to provide you with the info you may need in the update that will happen soon!

As we are to bring to you more contents in the future updates, stay tuned, and stay safe.

Till the next time we meet, adios!

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