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We love to learn, collaborate and create

Mirayi is passionate in creating and sharing heartwarming stories to inspire and bring courage to our audiences around the world. Our office has dynamic environment that boosts our artists’ creativity, which lead us to success.

If you also love what we do, we would love to hear from you!

About us


Mirayi was established in 2005, aimed to connect animation professionals from around the world and build a vast community dedicated to both 2D and 3D animation patronage. More than a decade later, Mirayi is now one of the leading animation studios in Malaysia, renowned as a creative-driven entertainment company. We develop, finance, and produce highly acclaimed and internationally successful shows. We also provide complete 3D animation and CGI production services for various International clients. We tailor ideas to best suit your projects.


To meet the growing demand for animation services worldwide, our research department constantly develops CG production tools, systems and new technologies to support and facilitate our software. Production pipelines are conducted in order to achieve a new level of creative, innovative and technological finesse. 


We bring your projects to life with the support of our investors and various Malaysian government organizations via access to various government funds and production incentives.


We are zealous about our creative and dynamic force where success is relentless.

If you are passionate about what you do, have befitting skills and experiences, join our team !

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