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How To Mirayi 101: Volume 1

Continuing from where we ended last time, we are now back to talk more about the teams and functions in Mirayi.


All the lengzai lenglui in our Team-


Animation, Asset, Lighting, Rendering, FX, Compositing , Pre-production, Project Management.

For a long time, the eight teams have been working together in order to ensure a quality production. And of course, it will be an unchangeable fact as each team works well on their own and as a family, and to each of its own, an important role to play as lacking any one of it can be detrimental.

… Okay, that’s a bad take from the original one, but the basics are laid out - which is the introduction to the production teams in Mirayi.

Anyway, this time around, we will be featuring our very own production team… which sadly might be another time we will be dividing into parts since… this is not a novel, so for a shorter reading experience, dividing into parts would be the better way to go.

First of all, we have the Animation Team.

Animation, or in a more laid out understanding, is the process of controlling figures so that they will move rather than remaining as yet another still image you can find on the internet. And so, those that do all of this are called Animators - they who add the spirit into the characters through animating them.

A still image, and an animated one. Things will really be different just from the fact it’s still or moving. Not to mention, we are an animation studio after all, so what’s the point of animation without the very process of even animating it?

If you need an even more simple “visual” understanding, just imagine a puppeteer and its puppets, but instead of a physical one you get a visual, drawing one happening on the screen instead~

… Animation as a whole of course doesn’t end with just that.

Don’t you think it’s way too empty and not as lively if it’s only characters moving and nothing in the back? And so, that’s where Asset steps in.

The word ‘Asset’ can be understood just by its own words, but if we put it in a more elaborate way - it’s the accessories or items that go hand-in-hand with the animation. Every one of it. Like, Graphics, 3D Models, SFX, Music, Vehicles, Head-up Displays (HUD), icons, etc items within an animation.

And so, without assets, you can just see how things can be form the image above-

With the above explanation of what Assets are, it would be easier to understand what Asset Artists do - and that would be to Maintain and index a detailed list of all assets that the animators will need and require of to access during production.

Now come, chant with me -

No Asset, No Life for Animations.

Since, without all the Assets, you won’t be able to watch animations with the same feeling and thoughts. So, it’s not really a stretch to call them the backbone to animations?

Each to its own, is quite the important and core team in every way, and by covering only 2 of them this time DOESN’T MEAN I’M BEING BIAS OR PLAYING FAVORITISM.

It’s just simply because…

Well other than the above two, there’s still four more teams to talk about but…

Yes, I admit, I’m too talkative to let it end this soon-

And so, next update shall we meet again to talk about the other teams. Quite the sudden one, but it could only end here as this is getting too long ←_←

Till next time we shall meet again, ciao~

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