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How To Mirayi 101: Volume 2

Once again, we’re back with a Part 2 (of team intro, but Part 3 of Mirayi as a whole, buuuttttt anyway-) and now we return with the next batch, which are - Lighting and Rendering!

(yeass, this is our latest love baby- I mean, IP - Neon Luna; coming to you soon as another project)

We have Animation and Assets, so of course now we’re off onto the next two teams who are equally crucial to animation as a whole.

Introducing - Lighting and Rendering!

(Those who know shall know, it’s here for the meme purpose and disclaimer: it’s JoJo, totally not affiliated to us at all.)



In a sure-hit way where you can equally understand it, even on the animation side - it works just like how photography or filmography or cinematography would do it. Basically, the same concept.

To be more precise, what Lighting Artists do would be to set up different combinations of light sources to either place focus on a unique part of the setting, set the overall mood of the scene, or represent the natural properties of the scene.

They are, simply, in two words, mood setters.

Now for one second, imagine - a happy scene but there’s no light; or a sinister one but with… ahem, neon lights.

See the importance of mood setters?

Now off to the Rendering Team we head to.

Don’t think there’s any word needed to emphasis on the importance of rendering with the image above. Idea’s there, but of course, a more elaborative explanation will be provided to avoid confusion~

Rendering, or Image Synthesis, is the process of generating 2D or 3D images from a model via software program. And what Render Artists do in precise, would be to feed information such as Animations, Modeling, Texturing, and Lighting into the rendering software, creating the final frame.

Simply - the Super Glue sticking everything in place and make sure they fit perfectly

*kiss fingers*

They are of course, a force to be reckoned with and they should never be messed with - unless you want a pixelated animation be done instead of, you know, perfect 2D or 3D animations~

Aaaaand it’s yet again another long essay, but since it has covered half of our teams now, I would say it’s still going pretty well.

Aha.. ha…

2 more batches, 4 more teams to go; and we will meet again in the same format around this day of next month.


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